We appreciate that as we age we more often reflect on the need to build assets for our future and that of our family. With the right planning and if implemented at the right time, we can assist to make retirement what it should be, a time to relax and enjoy the benefits of your assets whilst providing for your beneficiaries effectively in the future. We make the whole Estate Planning process simpler and more accessible.
We first confirm if your affairs are in order by identifying existing policies, power of attorney, wills, etc. so that we can then determine any future intentions or concerns and clarify the options available.
We can then work with your solicitor or recommend a specialist Estate Lawyer to ensure your specific circumstances are considered when drafting, reviewing or restructuring wills.
An estate plan achieves the best results when all factors are considered and incorporated in the best manner as well as minimising the tax consequences. The consequences of a poorly drafted will can be catastrophic including the loss of tax concessions or family disputes.
Estate planning is beneficial to:
• make your retirement more comfortable
• provide for you and your family
• ensure the protection of assets
• ensure your beneficiaries receive your assets promptly
• ensure your business continues efficiently and with minimal disruption
• reduce the associated costs on your beneficiaries
• reduce the associated tax impact on your beneficiaries